Rich, the American scholar Robert Dobie (Logos and Revelation) has the following to say about the unknowability of God. “Human reason is indeed powerful and capax veritatis but, left to its own devices, it is liable to error, and, most important, to confusing its own limited, finite and provisional formulations of the Truth with the infinite Truth itself. Human reason cannot grasp the infinite without the help of the infinite. Reason is in need of illumination or an unveiling that frees it from its own finitude. Hence, both men ( Ibn Arabi and Meister Eckhart) argue that we need revelation”. All the Scriptures of the entire Abrahamic tradition speak of the mystery of God. In the Christian tradition we only know God through Jesus, and this is what the contemplative tradition has always known. Jesus tell us how to live, but we put ourselves in the presence of God simply in awe.