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  1. TimothySeitz-Brown
    TimothySeitz-Brown says:

    Session one: it is finished. My wife, Ann, prepared a delicious, healthy meal for my group. My warm up question was, “What brings you here tonight?” Hearing folks share was helpful. We also talked about the new film, “Les Miserables,” plus other musicals. I’m going to have to have the group read Suzanne’s book on “Wicked” since many have seen it, although I haven’t yet.

    The video with James was excellent. I had some concern that it might come across as academic for my folks. But James’ illustrations brought the material, plus the bike cartoons and the driver scenes, to life.

    We live close to Amish country. One group member observed how the Amish are inducted into a way of life. Different generations talked about how youth are inducted and raised differently from when they were young. Folks also came up with other good examples, so they got the anthropology part!

    I should also say that I gave a little overture or prelude to the film, prepping people for what they were going to hear, using material from the guide. That was good for my group.

    I also decided to share what brought me to the course. I have lived in MD, PA, Jamaica (West Indies), and Tanzania. I have known good, Christian people around the globe and witnessed people who have heard about forgiveness and love as a theory continue to hurt each other, adding pain. I said that this course is for me a different path. After so many news events (Sandy Hook) and hurts in local lives, I’m open to another way, expressed in this course, centering on the Forgiving Victim. I was vulnerable, and folks said they were in the adventure with me.

    Bottom line, it went great and I’m excited!

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