I understand that God is not in rivalry with his creation. And I understand that we also want to desire as the Other other desires not as the Social other. Sheelah, as you said in a previous post…our neighbor is all of the peoples in the world. I believe it was in book four that James said that WE ARE to be neighbor as the good Samaritan was neighbor. Perfect, I understand, its beautiful, challenging but I know it is right and will lead to peace. With Islamic extremists in the news again (Paris) I am struggling with trying to be non-rivalistic and a neighbor to the terrorists. First of all, in the past, I would have simply joined the multitudes and crucified (not literally of course, but with hate, name-calling, death wishes, etc) the terrorists. Clearly the terrorists do not wish to see all of mankind as their neighbor and rivalry is what keeps their numbers rising. We can’t just let the terrorists have their way as we wave our love and peace banners, can we?