Yes, that is a very good point Andrew, there is an “unheard voice” to which we are not listening. I don’t think this is a command from James, but more a quaint way of expressing that we are about to hear something extraordinary.
James begins with Hebrews 1: 1?2 which describes an odd form of communication from God. In talking to us through Jesus, God is communicating as someone who appeared in the middle of history, but who is also somehow involved in the creation of the world.
This course is about beginning to become habituated to being the sort of people who might be able to hear God speaking through the Son whom he appointed over all things.
Putting theology aside for a moment, the course begins with a basic anthropology.
Rather than grasping onto a theory, human beings learn by being inducted into a set of practices over time such that we find ourselves knowing from within how they work.
Christianity is the process of finding ourselves on the inside of an act of communication that is developing in us a new set of practices. This means that we discover from within what the ideas really mean as we discover ourselves becoming something, or someone, we scarcely knew before.
Does that make sense?