Andrew, this is a process. We learn how God is communicating with us through Jesus and the Bible, and in so doing we gradually learn who we are, and how we are made in the likeness and image of God, and loved unconditionally. This is not instantaneous, but a gradual ongoing conversion in which we and inducted into the new Creation of Christ and a new way of being. This Imitatio Christi is a time of change and growth and ultimately of self knowledge.

Our ‘I’ is part of the “WE” This is how we humans become human. We are separate and complete beings who are communal at the same time. We are not a collection of “I’s” but an “I” belonging to the “WE”. Our humanity, spiritual growth and self knowledge comes from our contact with the ‘We” or social other in our lives . We learn to handle the difficulties of daily social contact, the jealousies, resentments, conflicts, judgements etc. of our family life, our working and social life, as well as the kindness, forgiveness, generosity, non-judgement and self-giving etc that we can also experience in family and community. This contact with our “WE”and social other enhances our spiritual growth and self knowledge, as we aspire to handle all these situations in a Christ like manner. This is our spiritual journey towards self knowledge. It is how we become human.

No Andrew, not at all. (1) will not make you lag behind. Remember to link your head to your heart and allow yourself to relax into this new way of being.