Rich Paxson

Thank you, Sheelah, for taking the time to respond to my posts! I’m glad the Raven Foundation followed through to repair the JFV website’s technical issues. I will send Maura a thank you email.

You wrote about James’s “vastly superior force moving [me] towards them.” Often now, this dynamic is quite apparent to me – both in private and in social occasions where I’m now responding with significantly increased tolerance. That is, I find myself becoming willingly present in situations I used to avoid or try to control. Now, I relax into just about anywhere I find myself.

I’m reading the epistles appointed in the Book of Common Prayer Daily Office, along with Kindle editions of Collegeville Commentaries. https://goo.gl/RkzLir The commentaries regularly trigger reminders of JFV material, so these daily quiet times reinforce and refresh the study I’ve completed so far here. Thanks again for your guiding responses, here in the Forum.