Rich Paxson

How does [the Our Father] change our pattern of desires towards “here?”

The just past Thanksgiving holiday preempted my Forgiving Victim study habits. Almost forty members of our extended family gathered for two days in late November at our Iowa country acreage. I ‘worked my tail off,’ as best a late-in-the-decade sexagenarian can work his tail off. Thanks to what I am learning here at Forgiving Victim, this year I willingly accepted the role of servant to all. And, I had a wonderful, if exhausting, time. 2016 was our forty-first Thanksgiving here, but the first when, with no resentment, I genuinely wanted to extend our hospitality, not generally, but to each person individually. As a result of that changed approach, I think of Thanksgiving 2016 as an answer to the question above. Thanksgiving 2016 was a “change of the pattern of desires towards ‘here’“ that will remain with me motivating and informing my attitudes and actions.