Rich Paxson

Sheelah, what I wrote refers to James’s use of the phrase “function of a purity code” in section six of Essay 7 in the “Forgiving Victim” book I’m reading the ebook version and I find that the pagination varies with the monitor I use. The quote below is somewhere on pages 326-328 in the hardbound copy of the book. James refers in this part of the essay to Peter’s trip to Caesarea after his dream about clean and unclean food in Acts 10. James writes:

“So here is Peter, who has been living as a function of a purity code, imagining it to be good, indeed his imagination of the good utterly suffused by it. Suddenly he finds himself taken to a place where he’s going to have to step across a huge boundary, go into the wrong sort of person’s house, eat the wrong kind of food with them, and start to recognize that what it is to be good is entirely unrelated to all the things that gave it shape, taste and bearings before.”

The point I was trying to make in my reflection was my realization that living as a function of the ‘purity code’ into which I was socialized through my family of origin BLINDED me in daily practice to the reality of God’s love for all persons. I think you read my word “B L I N D S” in the reflection as “B I N D S,” which would produce the opposite meaning than the one I intended and the meaning I inferred from the essay.