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      After 3 sessions, some comments, questions, wonderings:

      The opening exercises–last week I used the suggestion, but it seemed a bit contrived. In getting ready for session 3, I couldn’t see the connection between the gift box exercise and the content of the video. So while I understand the desire to set a context for learning, I decided not to use it. And instead have conversation, reviewing the past 2 sessions and sharing if/how we’re experiencing things new in our lives. Suggest expanding the variety of opening options, including the option to move directly to the video. This group comes ready to receive!
      It turns out that participants had their own idea for where to begin last night. They wanted to know how James’ works has influenced me…because they weren’t too sure about it at this point. Feedback out of that conversation is that perhaps the first two sessions could be expanded to include more content.
      The essays–chapters and sections–don’t align with the videos. That’s confusing and hard to follow. Hopefully they’ll match when published?
      Our discussion last night was good, very good. The video, especially the last piece about our goodness…or lack of it…and God’s Love…opened new spaces for conversation, intimacy, and fear (long held beliefs being challenged). Thank you all for making this possible.

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      I have a group of 9 guests plus my husband and myself who have started Unit 1.  I would like to echo Suella’s comments.  My group was enthusiastic from the start and I found I didn’t need any opening exercises.  They did seem to be confused about things at first, a little surprised at James’ approach, maybe, but they kept coming.  Now, they are enthusiastic, and I know we will be continuing on to Unit 2 and beyond.

      The ‘misfit’ between essay chapters and videos was challenging.

      The discussions have been both gratifying and inspiring.

      Not everyone could come every week, so we have started to show last week’s video at 5:30, then eat, then watch this week’s video over coffee and dessert refills.  It has worked very well, even for the ones who were seeing 2 videos for the first time, and most of the others have arrived in time to see last week’s a second time.

      Looking forward to this as an ongoing process over the next several months!  We are sold!

      Thanks so much!

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      Ya, I did not like the “the gift box exercise” either. I tried to sort of adapt it but ended up not really attempting what I had intended.  Some folks found the first two sessions somewhat slow but they seamed to like the third session. I think the next two (session 4 and 5) will focus there interest. We have a literature professor in our group who has some significant exposure to Girard which is really great.  Overall this experience is wonderful.

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      Suzanne Ross

      Thanks for your comments — I am adapting the gift box exercise and also trying to make clear that these opening exercises are entirely optional. The idea is for you to make use of what you need, but most importantly to respond to your group, which you are doing quite well, it sounds like! Keep the comments coming!

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