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      Forgiving Victim

      During the retreat sessions, we brainstormed about the role of facilitator as both host and guest. We remembered how Cleopas and N experienced a reversal from hosts to guests in the breaking of the bread. Here are our thoughts:

      The facilitator as host

      • Prepare space
      • Invite people
      • Provide a loose structure
      • Provide for food
      • Check for food or pet allergies
      • Welcome
      • Good listener
      • Sound and audio check
      • Prepare low risk questions
      • Prepare open ended questions
      • Gatekeeper or moderator
      • Some ideas to involve quiet folks: write down thoughts before sharing; have a moment of silence; ask that everyone be given a chance to talk; don’t be too quick to offer a “fix” – be patient over a few sessions; go around the circle asking for a one word answer to a question; allow the meal to do its work; use a talking piece; be sure everyone speaks within the first 5 minutes
      • Some ideas to handle talkers: ask speakers to invite someone else to speak when they are done; offer them something to eat!
      • Be patient and trust the group
      • Be prepared to be surprised
      • Provide an intro to the video
      • Share your enthusiasm
      • Be a non-rivalrous, calm presence
      • Be open
      • Let James be the teacher
      • Keep track of unanswered questions
      • Provide blessing or prayer if appropriate for the group
      • Hold the vision of the course
      • Be both messenger and witness
      • Guarantee safety
      • Establish group norms
      • Clarify and raise themes
      • Observe the end time of the session

      The facilitator as guest

      • Waiting to see what will happen
      • Taste everything
      • Enjoy diversity of opinions
      • Allow what’s going on to become part of you; you are also being inducted
      • Receive hospitality
      • Honor and respect the space and the people
      • Say thank you
      • Keep alive the sense that God is the host
      • Bring something for the meal
      • You can relax because you are not in charge or in control
      • Help clean up
      • Observe confidentiality of the group by only sharing only your experiences with those outside the group.
      • Observe ground rules
      • Remember who is in charge!
      • The facilitator is not responsible, in the good sense
      • Facilitator is dependent on the good will of the participants
      • Be vulnerable
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