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      We’ve begun the course here in Elkhart Indiana. With enthusiasm!

      The facilitators guide suggests 75 minutes for discussion following the video content. The two sessions we’ve at, the discussion lasted maybe 45 minutes. The time has been spacious, comfortable, engaging. People are asking questions, reflecting, responding, wondering. They’re responding to the questions (in the guide) before I ask the questions. They’re getting it. So my question: am I missing something? Is it wrong?!

      My impulse is to double the content…but I’m concerned that “undergoing God” isn’t something that can be hurried.


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      Forgiving Victim

      Suella, it sounds like you are doing it just right! The 75 minutes is just a guideline and your experiences will help us to know if we need to change it or not. But I think not rushing in with more content is wise. Sounds like you are off to a great start!


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