I have a group of 9 guests plus my husband and myself who have started Unit 1.  I would like to echo Suella’s comments.  My group was enthusiastic from the start and I found I didn’t need any opening exercises.  They did seem to be confused about things at first, a little surprised at James’ approach, maybe, but they kept coming.  Now, they are enthusiastic, and I know we will be continuing on to Unit 2 and beyond.

The ‘misfit’ between essay chapters and videos was challenging.

The discussions have been both gratifying and inspiring.

Not everyone could come every week, so we have started to show last week’s video at 5:30, then eat, then watch this week’s video over coffee and dessert refills.  It has worked very well, even for the ones who were seeing 2 videos for the first time, and most of the others have arrived in time to see last week’s a second time.

Looking forward to this as an ongoing process over the next several months!  We are sold!

Thanks so much!