Suzanne Ross

Here’s what I’m going to use to promote the course at my church. We’ll use it in bulletins and email communications in January. I plan to start teaching the first week of February.

A Groundbreaking New Course Coming to FCCW

The Forgiving Victim: An adult Christian education course for small groups

Christianity is changing, which is nothing new. Each generation since the first disciples has had to work through what it means to be a follower of Christ in their time and place. The Forgiving Victim, a video course with James Alison, offers an opportunity for Christians to re-imagine what the journey called church will look like over the next generation. In our small groups, with shared meals and conversation, we will work through a central teaching of the early church, that being a Christian is not about “what should I be doing” but about what someone has already done for me before I even knew to ask for it. How can you learn more?

Sunday, January 27: The sermon with a sermon talk back will explore a major theme of the Forgiving Victim course – how Jesus taught us to read Scriptures.

Monday, January 28, 7:00pm to 9:00pm at church: Join Suzanne Ross for an introduction to the course. At this meeting, you will sign up and learn when and where your small group will meet.

Anytime: Visit the course website at http://www.www.forgivingvictim.com to view sample videos from the course and learn more about the curriculum.

For questions or comments, or to sign up right now to participate in a small group, please contact Suzanne Ross at [email protected] or 224-521-2472.