This final question on what it might mean for us to listen to the unheard voice in the midst of traumatic events in our community/world is BIG and I don’t want to give glib answers but this course and the essays are opening me to explore this and giving deep hope. Two threads in my present experience – one is James rereading of the story of Achan and the invitation to stop making victims. I am listening to the unheard voice by beginning to volunteer just being at a shelter which is really like a home for six homeless women in Detroit – this city that so many would want to give up on. The unheard voice I hear in the women who call asking for shelter and I have to say no but somehow communicate that I care. This unheard voice I listen to when I step out of my comfort zone and recognize my communion with other wounded, struggling folks at a liturgy that bursts my categories. This unheard voice I hear when I go into nature and listen to the life pulsing in all things.