Kathleen Kennard

Ways in which God is communicating with me today?

First-off, I need to say that I do not perceive God as being “out-there”. I experience God as being with-in, so communication for me occurs as originating from a sense of well-being or peace, or some such positive state or feeling. It’s like an opening for the Divine. And it occurs to me that it is I who originates the communication, not the other way around! i.e. it seems like God is always there when I open myself to Him/Her/Oneness/Love (there seem to be many names for God today, and I embrace them all!), and that God has no hope of communicating with me if I am not thusly open.

I feel that I am in the presence of God today, and the message is not in words, but a general feeling of happiness and gratitude that I have interpreted to mean that I am headed in the right direction, and that I am not alone. It seems like I positioned myself in a favorable space to receive this “message” after initiating an act of kindness to my husband. I took him out for coffee this morning, and I listened to the story of his progress in a creative project he is involved in. My point here is that acts o kindness to others can be a call into God, so to speak, and if I listen, I can be on the receiving end of a powerful inner sense of well-being. Btw, I also refer to Angel and any other messenger sent from God as God. I feel no need to distinguish, although I can if the desire arrises. To me they are all part of God and at a higher vibration than myself, so to speak, which warrants them the label of God (being one with God, is how I experience it). So, I could say that in many instances, a message from God means that I am being directed (in a direction) for the highest good.