Christianity as theory and we respond with moral code – yes, James is giving language for my experience which I had not found. It fits perfectly and it brought me to a dead end to increasing struggles around prayer and the rest of my Catholic religious practice. This way of living Christianity leaves no real room for relationship for me regardless of the church affiliation. I reached a point where this image of God has to die and be replaced.
My relationship to the Bible? It is very limited at present as I struggle NOT to hear the Word through the filters/lens of moralizing voices and hierarchical authority but the psalms remain easily accessible.It is an act of communication from God but not pure and unadulterated. There are many human projections as I think of Girard’s mimesis theory and the violence in many Old Testament stories. I am not ready to answer what God is communicating in this time and place as yet and I will come back for the habitus questions.