Rich Paxson

In the Discussion Forum of this unit, share ways in which you have noticed the content, questions or insights from the previous session showing up in your lives.
Forgiving Victim shows up in my life in lots of ways. Occasionally I ask a friend or acquaintance whether they are familiar with James Alison. Usually the answer is no, but that’s not surprising in rural, midwestern America.

I raise Forgiving Victim in conversation, because studying the course reorients my awareness at a very basic level. I need to respond to these changes here in writing, but also whenever possible also in conversation, which online study does not address.

Forgiving Victim shows up for me when, reading the daily news, I try to identify aspects of a story’s underlying conflict. Forgiving Victim shows up for me when I consider the nature and depth of the fog of falsehood covering up the story’s mimetic rivalry.

I am looking forward to Part 3: The difference Jesus makes. Parts 1 & 2 helped me reimagine in profound and positive ways how my personal journey is situated in an incredibly larger scheme of life. Learning a fresh context for relating to a Forgiving Victim who loves and wants to be with humanity intrigues and excites me!