Gerald Madison

True learning depends on trust. Broken trust for whatever reason makes us suspicious and much less likely to really learn. I can recall the times when I was thrown into confusion when life as I experienced it was nothing like life as I had expected it to be. Even the brightest person can withdraw into himself and still continue to learn, but without a relationship with a trusted model to mentor and guide him it is nearly impossible to develop the art of being human.
I learned the difficult skill of flying and ultimately becoming a military jet pilot and then, later on, an airline pilot. This is the development of proficiency which is mostly a matter of practice, repetition, and ultimately habit. It’s Just a higher level of the bicycle and driving examples James presented.
The social purpose of my two flying careers were exact opposites. Flying a weapons platform designed to destroy was one thing. Flying people to their destinations was quite another.
I am still recovering from the soul damage of the first. I am grateful to have found the second which allowed me serve others by helping them travel to maintain their personal and professional relationships.
This course is to me the answer to so many of life’s questions. Not that it will answer them for me, which would be quite unhelpful. But it is leading me to ask the questions of myself that I have avoided and that can only be answered in my heart.