Rich Paxson

My brother John told me recently that Mike, a friend of ours from high school days, self-published a book that’s available at Amazon. I bought and am reading Mike’s book: Outfrom: The Northland Canoeist. I had a tough time getting through all the adjectives filling the first thirty or so pages, but as the forest of plot and character development began appearing, I got hooked.

At some point I began wondering whether Mike’s book might not offer a ‘hermeneutical key’ for re-interpreting my relationship with my brother. This may prove to be the case; but most likely not. Regardless of that, the connection I find here with The Forgiving Victim is re-interpretation. For the first time in many years I feel not only open to reinterpreting our relationship, but also eager to get on with meeting my brother anew. I relax into this forgiveness, as I am given new ways of seeing and understanding a previously frozen reality.