Rich Paxson

… share your favorite news sources. Can you defend your news source as “objective”? How would you describe its editorial bias?

Our local paper, the Globe-Gazette feeds us ‘close to home’ news. I cite it here as a favorite only because it provides topics for polite conversation in whitewashed categories such as: the trial, downtown redevelopment, Mohawk football, the letter to the editor, and so on. I don’t find the Globe striving for objectivity. Its provides a common journal of events, which is generally biased toward the interests of local economic and political opinion leaders, because this increases advertising sales.

What other local news sources does our small, rural community have in addition to the Globe? I’m not aware of many others. This morning only a small, church-related FM radio station comes to mind. Certainly a community with 29,000 people has more local news sources, which reveals my conforming bias toward to the ‘easiest’ source of local news. Writing here this morning awakened me to my own bias keeping me ignorant of commercial and other sources of local news. It’s time to start looking for more!