How right you are Rich, the unfortunate Williams did not seem to have the tools to bring about his own healing.
But your question ‘why might God want to gift us with some revisions to our current story of goodness? Well, James tell us ‘that someone whose sins are being forgiven is someone who is being let go of being tied in a certain way, and being given a whole new perspective from which to hold themselves in relation to their past. In other words a massive, and ofter initially painful revision of their story is being given by someone else. The revision is not, however, the enemy of truthfulness: it is because we are revisionist historians that we are able to become truthful. Without this the notion of forgiveness of sins would mean nothing’.
I am a little confused by your use of the term ‘social other’ in this text. Who exactly is “Will’s ‘social other’ who connects him with Macguire”. Could you explain this to me?