Rich Paxson

Thank you Sheelah. When I wrote above about last weekend, I tried to respond to the study question: “… Share ways in which you have noticed the content, questions or insights from the previous session showing up in your [life].?”

James discussed how we are inducted into life practices. This was in my mind and heart both during the conference and as I wrote. One doesn’t respond skillfully to economic inequality all at once. Nor, does one relax immediately into the silence and stillness of contemplative prayer; but I feel these two practices complement each other. I think of my walks as a means of induction, beginning steps into the a practice of contemplation led by the Spirit.

I’m familiar with Fr. Keating’s work. I haven’t read much by Thomas Merton. I’d appreciate your opinion about a good beginning point for reading Merton or JOhn Main, who you referenced above, and who is new to me. Thank you.