Rich Paxson


Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you appreciated the Leonard Cohen reference. Yesterday I finished the first Forgiving Victim video, which got me thinking about a lot of things, but primarily about the notion that we are ‘time soaked’ or ‘time laden’ beings; and about how time-laden and mentalist relate with each other.

Alan Watts, somewhere in ‘The Wisdom of Insecurity,’ writes that ‘we’ve fallen in love with the inch.’ That is, we confuse our experiences of real things and events with our representations of those realities. This morning I substitute clock for inch in Watt’s phrase, as in: we’ve fallen in love with the clock rather than being in time.

Now, after finishing the first Forgiving Victim video, it’s a strange feeling, but I find that thinking about time-laden being is somehow grounding. The idea itself, I think, permits me to slow down, to be here thinking through writing this.

Time and love is a universal musical theme. No Leonard Cohen song comes immediately to mind, and yet on this January morning I hear the never-out-of-season Byrds singing ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ from Ecclesiastes 3: “Everything has its time.”