Sue Kemple

Christianity… my Catholic faith… has been exactly like grasping onto a theory and then acting according to a moral code. I’ve always suspected that God is much bigger than how I’ve received my faith, even the little I’ve read of Augustine and Aquinas in my attempts to be more serious. To this point, my relationship with the Bible has been one where I’ve always felt there is much more beneath the surface that I wasn’t understanding, and that there are irrelevant parts I ought to just dismiss. I now see from reading this book and going through the course that the Bible is so much richer than this. I wish I had better habits, as I always start then stop practices such as prayer, meditation, reading Scripture, attending daily Mass, etc. I hope that this course will help me relax into spiritually beneficial and desirable habits for life.

What impact might an act of communication from God have on my life? The last clear communication was when I was confirmed, 31 years ago. It was such a powerful communication that I told God if I never had such an experience again, that would be okay… this was enough. Indeed, I can recall no such acts of communication since then to which I’ve been open… and I think this concept of being open is the key. He’s been communicating all along, no doubt. But now, I hope to have the mind and heart to receive what He wants to share.