Charles Hill

News sources. For news in English (I am in Japan), I mainly watch BBC international. Regarding biases, I noticed something kind of funny. The BBC recently reported that the government news channel in Moscow was reporting that US special forces mercenaries were sneaking into Ukraine and stiring up trouble. The slant from the BBC was that the Moscow news was doing this without any real proof meaning that it was not news but rather propaganda. However, the next news story was that of the US secretary of state John Kerry saying that Russian special forces were sneaking into Ukraine stirring up trouble, again providing no proof.

Now, leaving aside the question of who was telling the “truth” and who was not, I found it interesting that there seemed to be no awareness on the part of the people from the BBC that from the perspective of the viewer, they were doing the same thing that the Moscow news station was doing.

Disconcerting, yet also fascinating.