Charles Hill

Insights from the previous unit…

I am not sure where I am going with this but…
Last week at mass, the priest told a story in his homily about having to go up to Tokyo for a wedding. The train was crowded and he was tired from having to stand up for a long time. (He’s in his late 60’s) A seat opened up and as he went to sit down, a young woman pushed him out of the way and sat down. (paused a beat) And then she got off at the next station.

The story got a good laugh from the congregation and I started thinking about humor and my theory that it is intimately tied to horror. There is a gap between receiving my story from the social other and receiving it from God. My understanding of Girard is that the gap is bridged by the horror of the cross. I am wondering where humor fits in.

Anyway, not a totally thought-out thought, but it is where my thoughts are now.