Which terms are familiar to you?
I have at least heard of all of each of these.

Which terms or dates are unfamiliar?
I would be hard pressed to distinguish between henotheism and monolatry. If I were to run across either term by itself, I would have thought it referred to the devotion to one god over and above all others. Now, seeing them side by in a grid, I can’t begin to think how to distinguish one from the other.

I know Omri was a king of either Israel or Judah, but I have no idea what makes him unique from others.

I know that El Elyon and El-Shaddai are divine names. If the meaning of Hebrew roots are similar to the Arabic roots they resemble (which certainly isn’t always the case), then I could hazard a guess the Elyon means “highest” and Shaddai means “strengthened,” “fortifier,” or something along those lines. I am aware that many English translations make no effort to inform readers that some such divine names are in all likelihood older than even the most ancient of Israelite traditional religions. Whether that is the case with either of these names, I have no idea.

Now choose a term or date that is unfamiliar to you, and prepare to listen for it in the unit’s video. Share which terms and dates you will be looking for as well.Share what you learned about the unfamiliar term you chose to listen for in this video.
Omri is the earliest Israelite king about which there is extra-textual historical evidence.

I had heard that there was archeological evidence suggesting that YHWH had acquired a female consort in some areas, but I didn’t know that YHWH might possibly have appropriated the name of a female divinity with the name El-Shaddai.