Well, Andrew we all have our demons of one sort or another and we all have to learn to forgive ourselves and allow ourselves to be loved. We need more heart knowledge and less head knowledge.

I have always found the following advice from the wonderful John Main and Dorothy Day to come from a deep well of experience, humility and compassion, which is so much of what Christianity is about, is it not? Do let me know what you think.

“…Our challenge as Christians is not to try to convert people around us to our way of belief but to love them, to be ourselves living incarnations of what we believe, to live what we believe and to love what we believe.”

? John Main author of “Word into Silence”

“The older I get, the more I meet people, the more convinced I am that we must only work on ourselves, to grow in grace. The only thing we can do about people is to love them.”

Dorothy Day