I’d like to publicly thank whoever had the foresight to sell these online subscriptions to the Forgiving Victim series in 2-year stints. It has been a very pleasant experience to think on a question for months, get nowhere with it, and know all the while there is still a supervised forum awaiting my return. Thank you, Sheelah, for your questions. The person I wrote about last September was a guest speaker who has not yet returned to our church. Still, I knew it would be entirely unsatisfactory if I responded to your “Can you think of any examples or illustrations of mimetic desiring that would help the person of whom you are speaking?” with a “Well, I doubt I’ll ever see her again anyway, so what’s it matter?” It does matter. If I’m not a part of helping others see, I’m not a part of people seeing—and that would make me blind, wouldn’t it? I’ll continue to carry your question with me. I’ve begun to seriously doubt that I’ll ever think up a good example of mimetic desiring, but I do still hope to recognize the good examples when they meet me.