There is absolutely nothing lame at all about your reaction to watching a network news story on the Parkland shooting, Andrew. To the contrary, I found it most insightful and moving. And, if this is the way you “have noticed the content, questions or insights from the previous Module showing up in your life”, you have had a profoundly Christian response to those events in exactly the way that James is teaching us to respond to Jesus’ message.
You finished with “I didn’t see a monster. I didn’t see a gunman……(he) was only still breathing so that those around him could move to execute him.”
Quite recently I watched a remarkable French TV series entitled “Un village français” in which the settling of accounts which occurred at the end of the war against those considered to have collaborated with the Nazi, was frequently carried out by many who were far from innocent themselves. This was not justice, it was revenge. We are actually watching this beginning to unfold in the US at the moment, with this deeply disturbed being who is not fit to hold the highest office in the land.