Yes Andrew, that is a good way of looking at it. James tells us that “The gospel story is a story told by people who are not good, about something which happened in their midst and which shook up their previous sense of goodness, giving them a longing for a quite other sort of goodness, which they found themselves becoming at the hands of someone else”. I think we call this ‘other sort of goodness’ the new creation in Christ.

And James also tells us that memory holds together our attempts to start to tell a story about ourselves and that narrative is not an extra in our lives; it is constitutive of our lives. We revise our story as we go along, and if we didn’t we would be less truthful, not more truthful. We are all revisionist historians.
As you undergo this course, what James hopes will happen is that you will be able to relax into the realization that being good or bad is not what it’s about. It’s about being loved.

Have a blessed and joyful Easter, Andrew.