Now the ‘social other’ is all those people and things which over time shape us as a person, and as you say Andrew, “peer pressure is one manner among many of how someone can induct the desires of others”. Peer pressure can be a group or an individual, or something from the corporate world, such as the advertising industry, which tells us that if we drive this car we will be admired by others, or if we wear this perfume will will be as alluring as Beyoncé. In this latter instance, it is contrived, manipulative and has a self serving motive. But this is not always or necessarily the case, peer pressure just exists, and can have a good or bad influence.

For example, peer pressure can be good when a person or a group influences us to do something good, or desist from committing a bad action.

Western movies are full of examples of one just man resisting and enraged mob that wants to take revenge by hanging a man without trial. This just man is an excellent example of resisting peer pressure.
Does all this make sense?