Rich Paxson

Where would you like to go from here?

Sheelah, thank you for all your comments, on my last post, and in your many other responses. You’ve taken the time to reflect on what I wrote. Your persistence and counsel have helped me reach this ending point and have helped me to grow in patience and understanding.

My two and a half year experience here changed my life. I’ve learned to recognize the profound difference between the demands of the social other and the Call of the Other other. I hear God’s call ‘… just there, alongside, calling [me] into being, forgiving and challenging, teaching [me] to laugh at [myself], not despising [me] or putting [me] down.’

Now that I’ve completed the course, I will go back and review its interwoven ideas and concepts. I will explore the requirements of teaching the course in a study group at our parish church. I’ve begun a journey as a lay preacher. I will ground sermons that I write in “Jesus, the Forgiving Victim,” who walks alongside each of us every day challenging, teaching, and laughing with us.