Keeping rules and being moral are not the aim of Christian life Rich, they are the means that allow us to find a deeper spirituality. Something akin to technique on an instruments for a musician. Technique is not the aim of the artist’s studies, but the means to freedom to interpret the music. As James tells us: “In our case, being forgiven is prior to being created. This is what the ancient doctrine of “Original Sin” teaches, insisting on that very delicate “backward glance from the cusp of the new creation” as vital to any understanding of who we are finding ourselves to be and how we should behave.
There was a notion of sin, and righteousness and judgment that was proper to our world, in which the prosecuting counsel, the accuser, always tended to win. This understanding is being completely reshaped because it turns out that the victim of this world’s judgment, sense of righteousness, and definition of sin was God himself. Sin is known in its being forgiven”.