Yes James tells us that because all your freedom is for, to such an extent that you don’t really understand any more what freedom from is from: you are so entirely dedicated to what is constructively appropriate that all prohibitions are moot.
For some people, it is hard to imagine the world of freedom beyond the rules, that the restrictions are only the entry?point into a process of re?habituation.
In the halfway house that is the Church there is not a single officer who is not just as much an ex?con as all the other residents. Church officers may appear to be more like prison guards than officers whose joy it is to help us get adjusted to a new reality.
And the officers themselves, with only the tiniest hint of an intuition of what a healthy society looks like, may react to a changing situation by calling for a lock?down rather than helping the residents imagine creative new possibilities for freedom.
And he finishes by telling us that prohibitions have no real place in the life within the Church. They are merely moot remnants of what things looked like before you found yourself sucked into a new way of life.
Do you agree Rich?