Michael R. Bartley

Do you wish that Luke had included everything that Jesus told the disciples on the Emmaus road?

Wishing on something that is not seems to me to be a futile question. I am not sure it matters what I wish in light of what is and is not.

What stories from the Old Testament would you like Jesus to explain?

I honestly have never thought about wanting Jesus to explain stories. I suspect it is because I see his life as an unfolding of those stories.

As the disciples heard Jesus interpret all the Scriptures, they knew they were hearing the truth about themselves and their history. James says they were being “re-narrated into being”.
What might it means to discover that perhaps our stories about ourselves are not completely truthful!
The disciples seemed to react positively – do you think that would be your reaction to being “re-narrated into being”?

Again, I have never believe that all the stories I understand or believe about myself are anything more than interpretations. I am not sure I am getting this line of questioning.

James says that the structure of Eucharist is the memory of a third person, out there, coming in to disturb you. How might understanding Eucharist/Communion this way change our experience and practice of it?

This section on the Eucharist is very powerful. How the Eucharist comes into the presence reality is essential for the church today.