It seems to me Rich that what you are expressing here is the conversion ‘process’. By process I mean the slow, gradual awakening to ‘the other’, the turning around of all the things into which we were en-culturated. As James expresses it….’What Jesus inaugurated was the possibility of a being together in which there is, in principle, no social “other”, no group, nation, ethnicity, gender or any other identity we create in a binary way, that is not able to be brought into the gathering, the ekklesia, the new people of God.’

However I was not quite able to understand the meaning of your phrase “James writes that we are inducted by the social “other” into life as a function of the purity code’s maintenance and growth. Living a role IN A PURITY CODE BINDS US TO GOD’S MESSAGE THAT ALL PERSONS ARE ACCEPTABLE TO …….. Would you explain to me what you meant here?