Forgiveness is such a fundamental aspect of what the new unity looks like. Inclusivity brought about by forgiving and the realisation that we are also broken people. But the ‘forgive and forget’, ‘the less said the better’ and ‘let bygones be bygones’ superficial schools of thought only muddy the waters. As you know Rich, forgiveness can be, and often is, a long, difficult process where reconciliation is not an essential element, although it is a wonderful outcome. We have to remember, so that the situation does not arise again, but we must, above all, learn to let go of the anger and bitterness. Is this the experience that you have known? Isaac and Esau are a perfect example of the difficulty of forgiving; anger, fear, a desire for revenge, a long physical separation and a gradual transformation to the realisation that “to see you, is to see the face of God”. Than a parting in peace.